When collaboration becomes a power.

Thanks to a public funding (by Regione Marche) AMMA’s associates had the opportunity to donate an amount of money to the “Paolo Soprani” Civil School in Castelfidardo.

The “Paolo Soprani” is a school with more than 400 students and also 70 people attending different music courses for learning to play accordion (classic, jazz and diatonic).

The donation was useful. Many instruments were bought.

The experts really want to give this opportunity to young generations. The main purpose is making accordion popular again!

Choosing high quality instruments is the best way to do it.

The brilliant students, headed by the teachers Mr. Pallotta, Mr. De Luca and Mr. Lucanero, have performed a successful exhibition during the concert.

Finally, the public were able to listen music in front of the musicians and their students and we are sure it was a pleasure for everyone.

In the end the AMMA’s vice President, Mr. Renzo Galassi with Mr. Stefano Recchi, for Regione Marche, took part of the event, explaining the main aims of AMMA project.